Nurse/Nurse Aides

GV5 Immigration and Business Consulting is creating a pool of nurse/nurse aides interested in working or immigrating to Canada using two different methods:

Express Entry

Based on your age, work, experience, education, English ability and other factors you and your family maybe able eligible to come to Canada as Permanent Residents without a job offer.

There has been a trend over the last year where this is becoming easier for select individuals to come to Canada without a job offer.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

If you have a full year of work experience in the last three years as a nurse aide, nanny or other similar work experience you maybe eligible for this program.

Also if you have already been licensed to work as an RN or LPN in one of the Atlantic provinces and have 1 year of work experience you may also qualify for this program.

Steps in the process:

Step 1) Contact us

Email us at expressing interest. We will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and send back to us. After reviewing your responses we determine if you are eligible to begin the processes of entering the pool of candidates. This process is free.  At this time we can determine which programs you might be eligible for

Step 2) Pre-employer interview

If you are eligible for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project we will arrange a Skype interview.   At this stage we may also contact your references.

Step 3) Prepare for your application

Many required documents for an immigration application take time to process and prepare.  Some of these documents can take months to receive so it is critical to being the process as soon as possible.  Preparing now will avoid delays in the application process.

This is the step were you may chose to use our services.  We can help guide you through preparing your application and collecting the required documents.

Using our services for this process is in not a requirement, however, if you are paying for immigration assistance this help must be from an authorized representative .  We, as well as the government of Canada, will not deal with any individuals who use the services of unauthorized representatives.

Step 4) Employer interview

Once the process of preparing you documents and application are under way we will being arranging interviews with employers for you.  If you are selected by the employer the will offer you a job which is then used to apply for Permanent Residence.  For more information about the process and the steps the employer needs to take read about it here.


1) What do you charge to find me a job or to enter the pool?

Nothing.  There is NO cost to help find you work or to enter the pool of nurse/nurse aidess.  It is Illegal to charge an employee recruitment costs.

2) Do I need to use your immigration services to enter the pool or after I have a job offer?

No, the immigration assistance we offer to individuals is not required to enter the pool of nurses or if you receive a job offer. They are optional. We would recommend you use our immigration services or the services of another RCIC to avoid errors in your applications or to learn more about different programs that may be suited for you but the use of a consultant or lawyer to help with immigration applications is never required.

3) How much will the whole process cost?
The cost of this process is dependent on many factors such as if your nursing credentials are being assessed as well as which immigration program you will be applying for.

Our fee to work with and guide you in completing your immigration application would be between $1500 – $3000 depending on the program you are applying under and the details of your situation.  In addition to our fees there are also government application fees that have a wide range of costs starting at $155 for a work permit to more than $1000 for a permanent residence application.

4) How do I know that your services are legitimate?
Andrew VanSlyke is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant R510847. Being a registered consultant allows him to provide you with immigration advice for a fee. Only certain groups of people are allowed to offer immigration advice for a fee. You can find more information about paid representatives here. You can also read more about the regulatory body, ICCRC here.

5) What if I find my own job or if I would like to apply directly without your services?
You can certainly proceed independently and you are not required to use our services if you feel you can apply directly. If at any point you require our help with your immigration application, just contact us and we will look forward to offering our services.

6) What if you can’t find me a job?
Finding an employer is a great way to help you come to Canada but it is not the only way. The different paths available are discussed on a case by case basis.

Contact us at:
Phone: 1-902-844-2647
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