Are you an unhappy caregiver with a care giving certificate working in Canada or elsewhere?  Or are you an RN that was forced to take a job abroad working as a caregiver?

If you have good English and 1 year of work experience you may qualify to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project.  GV5 is working with employers who are in the process of become designated and need people to work as care assistants.

With this program qualified individuals receive a job offer from a designated employer.  That job offer is used to apply for Permanent Residence for the caregiver and their family (spouse and  children ).

How does it work?

  1. Assessement:
    GV5 screens applicants to make sure they qualify for the program
  2. Pre-Employer Interview:
    GV5 will arrange a Skype mock interview to assess the individuals experience and language ability
  3. Preparation:
    If we feel you have a strong chance of being offered a job we will suggest you begin preparing for your application.  We offer services to assist with your preparation and application.  These services are optional.  you can also chose to begin preparing without our assistance or use the services of another paid authorized representative .If we feel your may have a difficult time getting a job offer we may advise you to wait before you start preparing.
  4. Job interview:
    We will arrange or an employer will arrange a job interview with you via Skype.  The may also want to contact your references.  If you are offered a job then the immigration process begins.  For more information about the immigration and process from the employer’s side read about it here.


  1. Can’t I just come under a temporary work visas?

    Yes, but our recruitment efforts are focused on bring people to Canada under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project.  This method is much better for the employer and the employee because:

    • It is easier for the employer,  costs them less money and was designed with them in mind
    • It is better for the employee because they come as a Permanent Resident, your family can come with you, and you don’t have to worry about having temporary status.
  2.  How much does this program cost?
    The cost for a permanent residence application is $1040 for the application plus $1040 if you have a spouse and $150 per dependent child.There are also costs associated with supporting documents such as an educational assessment and IELTS test as well as your plane tickets to Canada.

    GV5 offers a service to help individuals prepare their application.  Our Fees are $1500 – $2500 depending on your circumstances  This is an optional service .  You do not have to use our services for this program.  You can prepare your application yourself or get help from another authorized representative   You can find more about authorized representatives here.

    GV5 will not work or introduce any individual who uses the services of paid unauthorized agents.  These agencies are not allowed to help you or deal with the immigration process on your behalf.

  3. What if I have experience as a RN?
    For this program if you worked as an RN you are over qualified.  There are ways for you to come to Canada though if you meet the criteria.  If you can come to Canada under a different programs we can help you find an employer before you arrive so you will have a job waiting for you.   .  

If you are interested in this program or another immigration services you can send us an email at