Seeking Nurse Aides To Immigrate To Canada

GV5 Immigration and Business Consulting is looking for nurse aides who wish  to immigrate to Nova Scotia, Canada.  Individuals interested in being considered should email their resume and an expression of interest to

The requirements for this program are:

  • 1 year of lower skilled work ( such as nurse aide, nanny ) in the past 3 years
  • Recent IELTS results
  • Enough money to support yourself when you arrive in Canada
  • A job offer from a designated employer ( we will help with this )

Ideal candidates will have a nursing degree,  however,  individuals with experience in home care without an RN back ground will also be considered.

Individuals who meet the requirements will be interviewed by interested employers.  Those who are successful with be offered jobs to support their application to immigrate to Canada.

If you are a nurse but only have skilled work experience there are other programs that may work for you.  If you are interested in this program or have any questions related to immigration please contact us at


4 thoughts on “Seeking Nurse Aides To Immigrate To Canada”

  1. Good day,
    Im harriet 31 years old filipino citizen ,interested to migrate in canada but i dont know how to start, i have 3 years experience as a staff nurse here in singapore still currently working in Nursing Home,i dont have IELTS yet. What is the required IELTS score,how much money do i need to provide for the whole processing and can i bring my husband together with me?thank you

    1. Hello,

      If you have not done it already the first step would be to email me your resume so I can assess it. This program allows you to come as PR and bring your whole family.

      The minimum program program requirements are CLB 4, however, you also need enough English ability to be able to work and that would not be enough. I would aim for at least CLB 7 but the high the score the better your chances.

      refer here to convert your IELTS scores to CLB:

  2. Hi, I am a 50 yr old Registered Nurse with a wealth of experience in nursing care working in Nigeria. I had IELTS 6.5 over all but it has expired. I wouldn’t mind taking the test again.

    1. Hello,

      this program requires a very specific kind of experience, namely, doing the physical care for the patient such as feeding, lifting, personal care, etc. Chances are as a nurse with lots of experience you may have done these duties but you also would have done many other higher skilled duties which would make your experience ineligible. If you would like to know for certain the best thing to do is email me your resume as

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