Seeking nurses and other professionals wanting to come to Canada

Are you are professional interested in coming to Canada?   Are you interested in knowing your options?

GV5 is seeking professionals with a serious interest to immigrate Canada .

The ideal candidates have:

  • 1 year or more of skilled work experience
  • High IELTS test scores
  • Sufficient funds to support themselves
  • Under 35 years old

If you meet these criteria there is strong chance you may qualify to come to Canada under Express Entry.

If  you sound like the ideal candidate or you just have questions send us an email at

4 thoughts on “Seeking nurses and other professionals wanting to come to Canada”

  1. I am currently working at Coca-cola FEMSA phils. As a Field Sales Manager.

    1. Hello Ferdinand,

      I think your job experience is at the skill level required to meet the requirements but I would need to know more about what your duties are and how much experience you have. If you want a free assessment the best thing to do is send me an email with your resume to so that I can give you a more informed opinion.

  2. Is there a job for more than 35 years old? Me and my sister have nanny and housekeeping job experiences abroad and we are interested for seeking job in Canada if there are opportunities.

    1. The program mentioned above would not be suited for you because your work experience would not be considered as being skilled enough. If you have 1 year of experience in the last three years as a caregiver or nurse assistant I may have an option for you. You can email me at for more details.

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