Express Entry: Will We See A Sub 400 Points Draw

Based on the statics of the number of people currently in the Express Entry pool There are just under 10,000 people with over 400 points.  Last draw saw 3,665 people invited to apply with scores of 423 or above.  Based on the current numbers of individuals in the pool, if there are not a significant number of new profiles added to the pool we could expect a sub 420 draw in 2 rounds or less.  With less than 10,000 people in the pool over 400 points it may not take long before there are few people left above 400 points.

As more and more people are invited to apply unless there is a significantly large enough number of people creating new profiles to meet the demand for invitations the required number of points the score will continue to fall.  If you are interested in immigrating to Canada there may never be a better time to create a profile.

If you are curious what your Comprehensive Ranking System Score  (CRS) would be you can get a rough estimate here

If you are interested in Creating an Express Entry profile of have any questions please feel free to contact us.